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The best House location

               "House in Aphaia" is located on Aphaia Street, a very commercial street of our island. Whatever you need you will find it next to you. In general, the island of Aegina is the ideal nearby destination for unlimited things to do and see.

                 Specifically one of them, is the Temple of Aphaia on the road to Agia Marina. According to historians a small Parthenon, and of course do not forget to visit its museum. Another beautiful monument of the island is the "Kolona", the temple of Apollo right next to the port of Aegina.

                As far as religious tourism is concerned, the faithful do not miss to visit the monastery of Saint Nektarios, patron saint of Aegina. Aegina has several beaches and we recommend the Marathon beach as well as the sandy beach Klima.

               At Marathon you will find fresh fish and cooked Greek cuisine, while at the picturesque fishing village of Perdika you will find fresh fishes and seafood.

On the beach of Agia Marina you will find many foreigners as there are many hotels and seasonal shops there.

               Of course you should not miss out on tasting and buying Aegina peanuts that are exquisite and produced by Aegina citizens.

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