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Welcome in Aegina


Traveling to Aegina is a pleasant, short cruise with either a ferry-boat or a flying-dolphin.

The boats depart from the port of Piraeus at gate E8. The ferry-boat journey takes one hour and a quarter (1:15 ') while the flying-dolphin takes forty minutes (40').

Once you reach the port of Aegina you will admire the beauty of the neoclassical buildings of the beach that characterize the style of the island's houses. Along the coastal road, the visitor encounters a wealth of coffee shops, food, souvenirs and the traditional fish market with the island's traditional cafes.

We will welcome you to the pier and take you to Villa Tzikides or House in Aphaia.

Aegina offers a variety of activities according to your preferences.

Starting with beaches, the leaders are, Marathonas beach to the west, Klidi beach and Klima beach near the south side of Perdika, Agia Marina beach to the east of the island and several small beaches on the perimeter of the island.


Religious tourism is honored on the island. The church and monastery of Agios Nektarios is the jewel of the island and pilgrims from all over the world visit the monastery all year round.

Next to the monastery of Aghios Nektarios stands the hill of Paleochora with the remains of Byzantine churches adorning the entire slope.

The convent of Our Lady of Chrysolaiontisas is a fantastic place and exudes solemnity.

The church of Agios Sostis, in the best part of Perdika and several others frame the religious character of the island.


A large part of the island relates to the ancient temples which are also scattered around the island. Starting from the port, as you arrive by the boat, you will notice the temple of Apollo, also known as a pillar. From the hilltop you will also notice the underwater ancient jetty. There is also a museum with various findings.

The next point is the famous Temple of Aphaia, which in relation to the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion form an isosceles triangle. They call it "Little Parthenon".


Aegina is easy to navigate with a well-developed road network and access to most parts of the island. There is also a guide to the Aegina Trails, set up by the Aegina Mountaineering Club and includes beautiful routes and points of interest. The walk to ancient Eleonas is magical and was the inspiration for the Hermes campaign and photography.

Finally, the nearby islands of Agistri and Moni are beautiful daily destinations for swimming and relaxation.

Feel free to ask us for any information we may have.

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